December 12
Dear students, we inform you that the long-awaited Christmas holidays are coming soon! The true magic of Christmas and New Year is in the air! Enjoy and give everyone around you the warmth of your heart and then the most cherished desires will come true, and the festive mood will linger for a whole year! Relax and have fun!
August 02
We have very interesting news! You'll know them if you come to our regular informative meeting on August 15th, 2019 at 18:00. Also, as usual, we'll talk about the possibilities of obtaining a private pilot licence and the way to acquire a commercial pilot profession. Apply, come and we will introduce you to the learning process and answer any questions you may have!
Apply by email to
See you!
Anastasia after her first independent flight
June 14
Congratulations to our wonderful PPL student Anastasia with her first independent flight!
This day is probably one of the most anticipated for the future pilot. The first solo is always something special that gives a huge emotional feeling. You are able to defy gravity and soar in the sky! We wish Nastya good luck in her pilot career and, of course, always light takeoffs and soft landings!
For our new Tecnam P2008 this flight was also the first solo!
February 08
We are starting to accept applications for student admissions in the new spring group of PPL(A). If you'll hurry, you'll be able to start the flying training program this year! Write, call us and we'll arrange a meeting to discuss all issues that might be of interest to you.
February 03
Today we are proud of our former student Andrew, who completed all the training programs in three years period and now received a job offer in business aviation with a minimum of 200 hours of flying time. Let Andrew have inspired you that dreams really come true! A dream, a serious attitude, hard work - and all horizons are yours!
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