PPL (A) Training Course

If you wish to apply for the PPL (A) Training Course please contact us +371 20 231 484, +371 22 849 907 or simply fill out the form

Course requirements

To enroll in a PPL (A) course, an applicant must meet the following requirements:
  • Age at least 16 years old
  • Aviation medical certificate (minimum Class2)
If your goal is to develop further in the aviation industry, we recommend you obtaining a Class1 medical certificate.
  • Possess sufficient knowledge level of English language, in both spoken and written forms
  • Possess sufficient knowledge level of Physics and Mathematics

Course description

Flight training:

  • at least 45 hours in aeroplanes: (25 hours of dual flight instruction and 10 hours of supervised solo flight time)
  • PPL skill test + examiner fees are additional

Theoretical knowledge examination:

  • Air law;
  • Human performance;
  • Meteorology;
  • Communications;
  • Navigation;
  • Principles of flight;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Flight performance and planning; 
  • Aircraft general knowledge.

The period of 18 months should be counted from the end of the calendar month when the applicant first attempted an examination.

How much does course cost

PPL(A) Course price is  11 800,00 EUR, incl. VAT.

The price includes all training materials necessary for the study of theory and flight training, as well as 45 hours of training flights.

Additional expenses:

  • Avia Medical Check - 176,00 EUR
  • CAA Exams cost - 256,14 EUR
  • English language exam - 236,00 EUR
  • Flight Skill Check (State Exam) - 380,00 EUR
  • License issuing - 85,00 EUR 

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