SEP (Land) Class Rating course

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Course requirements

Course requirements

Pre-entry requirements
The applicant for the course shall meet the following requirements to be eligible for enrolment:
- hold at least current PPL(A) issued in accordance with Part-FCL,
- hold at least current Class 2 medical in accordance with MED.A.030 (a) and (c).
To apply for SEP(Land) CR course applicant shall fill in the SEP(Land) CR Student Application form and provide all the information and document copies as indicated.
Course description

Course description

The SEP(Land) CR course consists of two parts:
- theoretical knowledge instruction,
- flight instruction.
Training Syllabi
The SEP(Land) CR course theoretical knowledge instruction includes 2 subjects as described in Training
Programme. Long briefings cover the aeroplane systems applicable to SEP(Land) aeroplane
types, limitations, normal, abnormal and emergency procedures applicable to training aeroplane.
For training details refer to SEP(Land) CR theoretical knowledge syllabus.
The SEP(Land) CR course flight instruction covers visual training exercises similar to PPL(A) course on
SEP(Land) aeroplane as set out in APPENDIX 9 to Part-FCL as well as long and short briefings.

Duration of the course
The SEP(Land) CR course includes:
- 30 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction of which:
      24 hours classroom training;
      6 hours of long briefings;
- at least 6 hours of visual flight instruction on aeroplane.
The course breakdown may be found in SEP(Land) CR Syllabi.
The applicant shall pass the skill test within a period of 6 months after commencement of the class rating
course and within a period of 6 months preceding the application for the issue of the class rating.
How much does course cost

How much does course cost

The price of the course is determined individually upon request.

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