IR (A) Training course

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Course requirements

Course requirements

The applicant for the IR course shall comply with the following requirements:

IRA.01, IRA.02, IRA.03, IRA.04, IRA.05:
  • hold PPL(A) or CPL(A) issued in accordance with Part-FCL,
  • hold Class 1 or 2 medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED,
  • possess sufficient level of English language knowledge (Level 4 or higher) according to PART-FCL.055(d)(e).

Holders of CPL(A) or course completion certificate of BIFM module are fully credited towards BIFM requirements, therefore only PIFM part is applicable for such applicants.

IRA.03, IRA.04, IRA.05: 
If the applicant for a multi-engine IR(A) course has not held a multi-engine aeroplane class or type rating, he/she has to complete a MEP(Land) class rating course prior to commencing the BIFM (IRA.03, IRA.04).

  • hold valid IR(A) on single-engine aeroplanes;
  • hold a valid CR MEP.

Prior to commencing PIFM, an applicant who does not hold a CPL(A), shall be a holder of a Course Completion Certificate for the Basic Instrument Flight Module.
It is expected that the applicant for PIFM is competent in basic instrument flying skills. The instructor shall evaluate these skills during first PIFM training flight. If on opinion of instructor applicant’s skills are below required level, PIFM training shall be suspended and refresher BIFM training shall be provided to the trainee. Hours flown during refresher training shall not be counted towards required PIFM hours.
Course description

Course description

The IR(A) training course consists of modular instrument flying instruction.
Flying training course and the skill test shall be completed within the period of validity of the pass in theoretical examinations, i.e. within 36 months.
Theoretical knowledge instruction for IR(A) must be conducted to ATP knowledge level in accordance with ATP modular course requirements. The course of theoretical instruction shall be completed within 18 months and ATPL(A) theoretical examination certificate issued by the Authority shall be submitted before trainee can be recommended for the IR skill test.
Flying training part of IR(A) training course consists of two modules:
  • BIFM: Basic instrument flight module;
  • PIFM: Procedural instrument flight module; 

and additionally asymmetric thrust exercises under IMC, as applicable, incorporated into PIFM or as stand-alone exercises (IRA.04).
How much does course cost

How much does course cost

IR (A) Modular course price is counted for each student individually. 

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