ATP Theory course

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Course requirements

Course requirements

An applicant for ATP Theory course shall meet the following requirements:

  • PPL(A) licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1

  • Sufficient level of knowledge of English language, in both spoken and written forms

  • Sufficient level of knowledge of Physics and Mathematics

  • Medical certificate (at least Class2)


Course description

Course description

ATP Theory course is organized in distance learning manner.

Duration of the course: 650 hours of instruction within a period of 18 months .

The whole course is divided into 2 modules which consist of following subjects:

Module 1

  • Mass and Balance (MBL)

  • Instrumentation (INS)

  • Flight Planning and Monitoring (FPL)

  • General Navigation (NAV)

  • Meteorology (MET)

  • Human Performance (HP)

  • Communications (COM)

  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA)

Module 2

  • Principles of Flight (POF)

  • Airframes, Systems, Power Plant (AGK)

  • Performance (PERF)

  • Operational Procedures (OPS)

  • Radio Navigation (RNAV)

  • AirLaw (LAW)

Each module consists of CBT and Classroom Phases:

  • CBT phase training is scheduled to enable smooth progression through the course, to allow continuous monitoring of performance and to regulate the total period of training undertaken.

The Classroom work is carried out regularly, with a duration of one lesson 5 hours.

  • Classroom phase sessions are intended as consultations in all subjects – discussions of main topics, problematic questions, revision of subject, and an opportunity to familiarize the student with the tidings in respective subject and feedback from the examinations.

The student is recommended for the CAA examination after successfully completing at least 3 subjects.  .

How much does course cost

How much does course cost

ATP Theory course price is – 2 400,00 EUR, incl.VAT.

Additional expenses :

  • Civil Aviation Agency exams ~ 800.00 EUR.

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